Decision number one: Which base vehicle is right for me?

So you have made the decision that you want to get a campervan, either your old motorhome has finally proven to be too big for those lovely windy country roads, you have finally realised that your tent just isn't up to the Scottish "summers" or you have finally decided it is time to follow up on that dream of weekends away whenever you want.

These are the most commmon reasons for people visiting us to choose a new campervan, but there is of course the fact that your average foreign family holiday can cost over £5,000, which is a very healthy deposit on new campervan, or addition to the family as most people come to consider their camper.

How Much Room Do You Really Need?

The most important part of the decision process has to be which base vehicle you are going to spend your holidays in, this means deciding what you want to do in your new home on wheels, where you want to go and what is important to you. 

The main considerations in no particular order will be:

  •  How many people will be travelling with you?
  •  How many people require a bed inside the van for the night?
  •  What sort of trips you want to do (weeks at a time touring Europe or weekends away)?
  •  Do you need an automatic or manual vehicle?
  •  Is 4 wheel drive really necessary or just a desirable feature?
  •  Budget? (the one no one wants to discuss)

We will discuss each of these points in more detail in the series of Blog posts, but for now this list will hopefully get the thought process going in your mind.

As ever if you have any specific questions please feel free to call us on 01506 880411.

The Calder Team