You have decided you are going to get away as often as possible at weekends and spend your summers living the outdoor life. But what do you need from your new campervans performance?

Automatic or Manual

More and more people are being seduced by the thought of having an automatic, well you are supposed to be relaxing on holiday and what better way to start your trips away than a relaxing drive?

All the Japanese campers (Alphard, Elgrand or Bongo) we supply are automatic and this has long been a deal breaker for our customers when choosing what vehicle is right for them. However, we are seeing more and more clients deciding to push their budget slightly and going for a Volkswagen DSG or the newly released Renault Trafic automatic both of which are readily available but do come at a slight increase in cost above the standard manual van. Let's face it what could be easier than put it in drive and off you go..

2 or 4 Wheel Drive?

Being based in Scotland a request we often get is for a 4Wheel drive base vehicle. There is usually a price implication for a 4 wheel drive but if this is considered a must have by our customers we can find and supply them.

The first question we ask is "why do you feel a 4WD is necessary?" A lot of people cite snow, but for all the snow we get in Scotland (and certainly a lot less down South) an investment in a good set of snow tires is usually enough, let's face how many of us are going campervanning in the snow? There are of course those people who are going to be wild camping in some serious "off road" situations so at the end of the day the decision comes down to how much off roading you are likely to do to justify the £3,000- £4,000 additional spend.

There is a bit of a trend to make the VW campers look like "off road" vehicles with lots of additions such a bull bars, bigger tyres etc but if this is the style you like you can still achieve this on a 2 wheel drive van.

The one no one wants to discuss.... BUDGET!

No matter what your budget is there is always a compromise when buying a campervan, that might sound strange but each version of the van is only a certain size so there is only so much you can fit into a campervan.

There is a van available for nearly every budget, and it is only through discussion that we come to an agreement as to what the possibilities are. It is not always the case the case that you the most expensive van is the best suited and they all have their pro's and con's. The best way to make sure you get the best value for money is to decide what you can afford, how you want to finance the camper and then be open and honest about what you can spend and everything that you expect for that money. At the end of the day all you want is the best van for your budget and all the seller wants is to give you the best van you can afford.